Welcome to my brand new blog – No Eyed Deer Sydney

The pages are pretty empty now but they won’t be soon as I suffer from shiny shiny syndrome – I just have to try new things all the time.

I scour Time Out the second I receive it, I’m addicted to Concrete Playground, and Eat Drink Play. I subscribe to every single email that promises learning something new, from whisky blending to welding. Then I go and do what is on the pages whilst I figure out if I should have been an astronaut, artist, athlete or more.

My latest adventures have been flying weightless in zero gravity with George Takei (Sulu in the original Star Trek), running two marathons (having never run one before), and more sedately attending Wine School in the Hunter Valley.

Over the last months I have:

Got fit: by racing a train, boxing fit with Lauren Eagle, training with Commando Steve, being hit by giant inflatable balls on a water obstacle course, being chased by zombies, controlling a dog sled, indoor skydiving, jumping off tall things in parkour, flipping on a trampoline, climbing lots of things, geo-caching (think offline Pokémon – but different), and acrobatics on a stand up paddle board.

Slept around: in a ufo in a tree, with a tiger, in an ice hotel, in a teepee in -25 degrees where I had to get up every one and a half hours to avoid freezing to death.

Got creative: made an ice sculpture, a clay sculpture, welded very badly, picked up a spray can and learned to be a graffiti artist, and commissioned a piece of art.

Played with my food and wine: blending wine, trying out parsnip wine at Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant, and if that’s not interesting enough – eaten pate out of a plant pot, eaten a cigarette bowl, and drunk from a stoat.

Plus the random stuff: watched 100 dancing drones on Sydney harbour.

You can contact me here: – ned@noeyeddeersydney.com


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