Renting my own row of vines – the fun of owning a vineyard without the movie star budget

I have always dreamed of owning my own vineyard and launching my own wine label. The only thing that has stopped me is not having the money, the land, not knowing anything about wine production, or any desire to deal with the trauma of bad weather and poor harvests… Therefore I was very excited to discover Shiraz Republic’s Rent-A-Row scheme: All the fun of owning a vineyard without the hard work.

Things I had no eyed deer about before I started my winemaking journey:

I would have a wine cellar in the middle of my hotel room

I would be serenaded whilst stomping my grapes

Stomping grapes feels like squashing thousands of caterpillars (not that I’ve ever done that)

I’d be giving a lot of thought to designing my wine label and creating a name

A to Z of the coolest food & drink classes in Sydney

This week’s A to Z features cool food and drink classes in and around Sydney, ranging from sourcing your own wild ingredients, to sprucing up your presentation, to attempting those dishes you are worried to try in case you poison someone.

Things I had no eyed deer you could learn how to do:

•Find edible weeds in the Sydney suburbs
•Make your own creations on the top of your coffee
•Make liquid nitrogen ice cream and hot ice cream
•Make your own vegetable sculptures
•Make some good old pies

Blending wine at Urban Winery

Things I had no eyed deer about Urban Winery:

I had missed out on getting my name on a vat of wine
You can take away your own blended wine and labelled bottle
If you buy a barrel you can be involved in the wine making process from helping crush the fruit at the winery to bottling your own wine
How to predict whether your lips will go black when you are drinking red wine