Slackline lessons – like tightrope but completely different

Things I had no eyed deer about slacklining

•It’s a great form of exercise and injury prevention
•Types of slacklining include waterlining – over water, highlining – a very long way off the ground, and tricklining – performing tricks on the slackline
•You can do butt bounces, super splits and chest bounces
It is a great form of relaxation as you can’t concentrate on anything else
•Drones are used to help set up slacklines in high places

Yoga with fluffy animals, wine, on wobbly objects & in cool places

I am usually more Om nom nom than Om but I have been on a mission to find and try as many as possible of the different types of yoga available. I don’t mean Hatha or Vinyasa Flow but yoga with fluffy animals, in interesting places, on wobbly objects and with wine.

Things I had no eyed deer I would experience in yoga
•A dolphin discount
•Trying to see the teacher with a cat’s bottom in my face
•Being encouraged to namaStay back and have a wine
•Being amongst veggies, butterflies, wine barrels and someone in budgie smugglers doing a handstand
•Dolly Parton music
•Hanging upside down in cocoon in a hidden oasis

Get motivated to run faster by being chased…. The best races for it (or make your own)

Zombies, steam trains, paddle steamers and capture cars. They all have one thing in common – you run a lot faster if they are behind you.

Things I had no eyed deer about chaser races

I would be bounding through trees on a Space hopper at 10pm at night avoiding zombies

The noise of a steam whistle can give you that extra steam you need to complete a race

You can make like Harrison Ford in The Fugitive and avoid the capture car

Pretending to be posh: Learning to play polo in Sydney

Things I had no eyed deer about polo

•The rules in polo make soccer’s offside rule seem simple
•It is one of the few sports men and women play together on the same handicap scale
•Playing left handed is banned
•Polo can be played on a camel, elephant or a Yak (but not in Sydney)

Two marathons in six days

Things I had no eyed deer about before training for a marathon:
I would become an expert on wine fraud and exploding corpses
It is as much psychology as fitness
Your feet can grow a shoe size in your 40s
I would learn so much about my body
That my knees and hips could feel like they have rusted
That I would hear a bus driver actively encourage everyone to use the toilet on the vehicle
The great comraderie in running
I would bump into someone I worked with 8 years ago in the UK half way through a marathon