My dream day as a steam train driver

Things I had no eyed deer about driving a steam train

How much fun it is!
That I would be driving a train wearing a zero gravity flight suit bearing a Star Trek logo
How you make sure there is not more than one train on a single line track (without technology)
How often the locomotive has to fill up with water
Plus did I say how much fun it is?

Flying in Zero G with George Takei

Things I had no eyed deer I would be able to say about zero gravity:

That I can boast that I have done a one fingered press up
I dropped 60kg in 5 seconds
I genuinely got to feel like an astronaut
I got to meet George Takai and he really is a nice bloke!
I’m about the only person that can’t do a Vulcan salute
I missed my opportunity to run up a wall like in the movies
I’d never heard of them before but now I’m a big fan of Martian and Lunar gravity

Sleeping in a UFO in -25 degrees

Things I had no eyed deer about Sweden

I would get to sleep in an UFO in a tree
I would know what minus 25 degrees felt like
I would visit a city that is being moved 3 kilometres
I would have to avoid getting iced to a toilet
There is no beginning to my talents in ice sculpting
That I can now recognise the smell of a reindeer anywhere