Get motivated to run faster by being chased…. The best races for it (or make your own)

Zombies, steam trains, paddle steamers and capture cars. They all have one thing in common – you run a lot faster if they are behind you.

Things I had no eyed deer about chaser races

I would be bounding through trees on a Space hopper at 10pm at night avoiding zombies

The noise of a steam whistle can give you that extra steam you need to complete a race

You can make like Harrison Ford in The Fugitive and avoid the capture car

My dream day as a steam train driver

Things I had no eyed deer about driving a steam train

How much fun it is!
That I would be driving a train wearing a zero gravity flight suit bearing a Star Trek logo
How you make sure there is not more than one train on a single line track (without technology)
How often the locomotive has to fill up with water
Plus did I say how much fun it is?