Slackline lessons – like tightrope but completely different

Things I had no eyed deer about slacklining

•It’s a great form of exercise and injury prevention
•Types of slacklining include waterlining – over water, highlining – a very long way off the ground, and tricklining – performing tricks on the slackline
•You can do butt bounces, super splits and chest bounces
It is a great form of relaxation as you can’t concentrate on anything else
•Drones are used to help set up slacklines in high places

A to Z of the coolest food & drink classes in Sydney

This week’s A to Z features cool food and drink classes in and around Sydney, ranging from sourcing your own wild ingredients, to sprucing up your presentation, to attempting those dishes you are worried to try in case you poison someone.

Things I had no eyed deer you could learn how to do:

•Find edible weeds in the Sydney suburbs
•Make your own creations on the top of your coffee
•Make liquid nitrogen ice cream and hot ice cream
•Make your own vegetable sculptures
•Make some good old pies